Umpire User Accounts

Once an umpire has registered, they will need to be confirmed and ranked (skill level) by the UIC.
NSLL umpires will then be able to self assign themselves to games which they are ranked for.

To do so, you will begin by logging in to the NSLL website at the MEMBER LOGIN icon at the top right of our website.

Here is a PDF of the instructions for self assigning games.

Resources are available: Umpire Training and Rules Interpretations

North Snohomish Little League Umpire in Chief

Umpires Needed

North Snohomish Little League is recruiting umpires for the 2018 baseball and softball season. No prior experience is necessary!!

The most overlooked requirement for a competitive baseball game is the umpire. Without a volunteer umpire, managers and coaches must umpire the game, taking them away from their players and reducing the overall value of the game for those players. Umpires who remain with North Snohomish Little League will have opportunities for subsidized or free gear and clothing, more advanced training, and other benefits. Not to mention a free hot dog and soda after the game!!

North Snohomish Little League is offering incentives for volunteers who umpire at least 10 games!!

If you are interested in becoming an umpire for North Snohomish Little League, or you just want more information, please email us at All volunteer umpires will need to complete either the District 1 umpire training described below or another training program offered by North Snohomish Little League.

Little League offers a great deal of useful information for umpires. Visit the Little League Umpire page for more information. You can also access the Little League Umpire Resource Center here.

Umpire Training Materials

The internet is a fantastic source of information for umpires, both experienced and new. Below are some of the resources we have come across for umpires:

The official Little League Umpire page is a great starting point. You can also access the Little League Umpire Resource Center here.

Mill Creek Little League offers a comprehensive set of documents for umpires.

This Word document contains links to video files that help new umpires understand certain game situations that typically occur.

District 1 also has a great deal of information, including training, rules discussions, and knowledge tests, for umpires on their Umpire Resources page.

Kevin Hunter has created a resource website for umpires, includes Little League Rule Book Index; Little League Rules Myths; Tournament Rules; and Little League Rules Tutorials.

The resources listed above are gateways to a good deal of information. An umpire can find basic tutorials such as the proper stance for the home plate umpire as well as advanced rules discussions. Please explore all of the links.