Sponsoring (Business/Corporate Sponsors)

North Snohomish Little League is committed to a safe and civil recreational environment where boys and girls use baseball and softball to build citizenship, discipline, teamwork, and physical well-being. North Snohomish Little League provides these opportunities to more than 400 kids ranging in age from 4-16. And these opportunities are available to all boys and girls in our community, as North Snohomish Little League offers scholarships for those who may be in need.

We are proud partners in our local community and continually seek the support of local businesses as well as strive to strengthen and encourage our local business community. The funds raised from sponsorships help us cover the cost of uniforms, equipment, umpire gear and education, coach training, player development, scholarships, field maintenance, insurance, and various other costs associated with a quality program. As a 501(c)(3) organization run entirely by volunteers, 100% of your donation goes directly to the kids and our community!!

The kids who play baseball and softball with North Snohomish Little League bring thousands of visitors to the baseball and softball fields near downtown Snohomish, including players and their families who travel to Snohomish to participate in tournaments and other events.

North Snohomish Little League offers three main sponsorship options to help support the youth of our community and advertise your company. Those options are described below.

Outfield Fence Banners

Placing a banner on the outfield fence at one or more of the fields in the Snohomish Youth Sports Complex is a fantastic way to show your support of our children and advertise your business. Banners are seen by thousands of players and visitors each season. A new fence banner starts at $600 for two banners (with discounts for renewals) and each banner remains up for the entire season.

2020 Team Sponsorship Banner Application

Sponsorship Terms and Conditions

North Snohomish Little League is a nonprofit organization (Fed ID # 91-1734085), and as such all sponsorships and donations are tax deductible. All of the sponsorship opportunities with the North Snohomish Little League are subject to the North Snohomish Little League Sponsorship Terms and Conditions.