Spring Tryouts

North Snohomish Little League uses a player tryout process to determine eligibility and skill level. Check in for tryouts will begin 30 minutes prior to tryouts. All players must be registered prior to checking in for tryouts, registration is done via our website and we will not have registration forms at tryouts. Once you have checked your player in they will all be given an identification number to attach to the back of their shirt, and then directed to the warm-up area for their age group.

In the warm-up area the players will be lead in stretching exercises and then pick partners to throw a ball and loosen their arms. When the managers and coaches are ready for that age group, they will be instructed on where to wait for their turn.

Each player rotates through all of the positions, and rotate based on a timed schedule. If time permits, players who wish to pitch or catch will be given an opportunity to do so. All pitchers will be given an equal number of pitches, likely limited to 5. If time permits, players may also be asked to participate in a timed run of 60 feet.

During each activity the players are evaluated by the managers and coaches from each division. Each manager and coach has his own style and preference, but they are all evaluating skill, results, effort, and attitude.

Every player who attends tryouts will be eligible to be drafted, NSLL is a non cut league. If you wish for you player to play up a division, the decision will be based upon skill set and space for the age group.

What if it rains or I can't make the tryout day?

North Snohomish Little League holds tryouts on turf fields, so tryouts will be held rain or shine. While we strongly recommend that each player attend both tryouts, attendance is only required at one tryout. If your player cannot make a tryout, they must attend the other tryout. If your player cannot attend at their time, but can attend during the other tryout timeslot, notify the NSLL Board at board@northsnohomishll.com and we will attempt to accomodate the request.

What if a player can't participate in the tryouts due to an injury?

A player who is physically unable to participate in the tryouts due to a temporary injury (e.g. broken arm, sprained ankle, etc) should contact the NSLL Board at board@northsnohomishll.com In such cases, the Board will consider waiving the requirement to attend tryouts to maintain their eligibility to be drafted to a higher level and their eligibility for All Star participation. If possible, the player should consider registering for their tryout session and attending the beginning of tryouts as a spectator. This will allow managers and coaches to talk to the player if they wish, and will allow the player to observe the beginning of the tryout. But attendance at tryouts is not required in these circumstances.

All Star Tryouts

More to come on the requirements soon


We have updated our operating manual with new draft policies. Please check back as we will be adding in new information for our draft this year